Audio Probe Kit



The RA5.12 is a high performance microphone probe for covert listening operations through small gaps, keyholes and drilled holes.
The insertion probe is 5mm diameter x 330mm working length. A removable 1 metre lead connects the probe with an amplifier unit which is mountable on the belt of the operator.

A simple knob switch is on the front panel of the amplifier. Turn clockwise to switch on the unit, and further clockwise to increase the volume. A green LED indicator shows that the power is on.
Headphones are plugged into the front panel via the 3.5mm jack socket.  

To charge the unit, simply plug in the 3-pin connector from the supplied charger to the side of the unit.
The system will work for up to 7 hours from a full battery charge.




  • Extremely sensitive
  • Superb audio quality
  • Lasts for up to 7 hours from a single 1 hour charge


Technical Specifications

Diameter 5.0mm
Length 330mm
Sensitivity Sensitivity -33dB+/- 3dB
Power Input 12V
Current Consumption 100mA
Battery Type NMH
Operating Time Up to 7 hours
Frequency 10,000Hz