Rigid Endoscopes (Borescopes) - Fixed Direction


Rigid borescopes / micro borescopes with set viewing direction and adjustable focus. High quality rod lenses are used, surrounded by glass fibres for bright and even illumination of the subject. These instruments are watertight and designed to take pressures of up to 4 bar.  Maximum operating temperature 110°C.

All instruments are compatible with any RVA endoscopic camera, light source and viewing screen combination.

For interchangeable mirror tube type endoscopes, please see our Rigid Endoscopes (borescopes) multi-directional range.



  • Huge range of sizes
  • Excellent image and build quality
  • Focussing eyepiece
  • Made in Germany

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Technical Specifications

Diameter 0.7mm - 12mm
Length 150mm - 1300mm
Viewing Direction 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°, 110°
Field of View 60° - 105°
Depth of Field 0.5mm - Infinity
Eyepiece Diameter 31.75mm
Light Input Connector ACM/WOLF/STORTZ
Operation Temperature up to 110°
Ingress Protection Watertight up to 4 bar
Camera Fitting Via eyepiece with separate adapter